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Take Control of Your Restaurant Now

ExPOS Restaurant Analytics gives you the power to manage your restaurant efficiently. No more "gut-feeling management"- with ExPOS you can make better decisions, based on real data.

Interactive Infographic Reports

ExPOS visualizes your sales, labor, performance, customers, and other data like never before. See your most important numbers in useful reports and beautiful charts. Everything you need to know becomes clear and easy to understand.

Smart Insights And Recommendations

ExPOS Restaurant Analytics automatically analyzes your data and updates you with insights and operational recommendations. A certain dish hits the roof? A waiter is underperforming? Our smart insights engine will inform you immediately, allowing you to react in real time.

Push alerts and Daily Summaries

ExPOS provides periodic summaries of your restaurant's performance data. Get a mobile notification or an email when something important happens.

Reviews Monitor and Notification

Online reviews dramatically affect your restaurant's popularity and bottom line. Our reviews monitor will fetch all important user reviews about your place, allowing you to respond immediately and maintain your reputation.

Know Your Customers!

ExPOS Restaurant Analytics identifies new, returning, and loyal customers, measures your campaigns and promotions' success, and your customers' favorite dishes.